David Lepaux

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Senior Lead FrontEnd Engineer @ SQLI

SQLI is a global digital services company specializing in digital transformation, e-commerce solutions, and technology consulting, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Leading & Mentoring 4 frontend developers based in Morocco in VisiLab Group team.
  • Leading research and presales on modernization of the frontend technical stack for VisiLab Group.
  • Spearheading all aspects of digital asset management for FIBA, including automatic tagging, tree structure creation, feature development, and delivering maximum value to end users, utilizing Cloudinary and Microsoft Azure services.
  • Refactored the complex Docker setup for the VisiLab project to enhance development workflow performance and documentation.
  • Created a custom app with Cloudinary Custom Actions to manage asset tags, metadatas and more.
  • Migrated more than 2 millions assets to Cloudinary for FIBA.

Project Manager & Technical Consultant @ bitvoodoo

Atlassian Platinum Partner company editing software and providing consultant services in Zurich and Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Led training session for test management with Xray Software.
  • Defined specifications for Apps in Atlassian Marketplace.
  • Defined specifications for Custom Developemnt on Atlassian Products (Confluence, Jira).
  • Conducted workshops and sales services with customers.
  • Innovated on automation and improvement of internal processes.

Product Owner & Mentor @ Publishing Factory

Publishing Factory provides technical solutions to WebMarketing companies in Vivara Group, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Prioritized product features and requirements based on customer needs and market trends.
  • Conducted user research and usability testing to validate assumptions and identify areas for improvement.
  • Drove product innovation and mentored junior team members.
  • Experience in product management for SaaS, web application, and mobile app development, experience with remote teams management, including working with consultants.
  • Implemented a paid newsletter feature and executed a full redesign of the front application within two months.
  • Specified and released Micro-Service API with AWS StepFunctions for the paid feature.
  • Led QA testers in order to fulfill the Quality Management requirements of C-level.
  • Transformed a POC to an MVP with an integration with Marketing Cloud.
  • Implemented concurrent and autoscaling features using Strapi/Next.js on AWS ECS.

Lead FrontEnd Engineer @ Publishing Factory

Publishing Factory provides technical solutions to WebMarketing companies in Vivara Group, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Mentored junior engineers and promoted frontend best practices and standard processes.
  • Trained dozens of integrators to build customer journeys in 2 hours instead of one week.
  • Promoted JavaScript/Node technology for backend services.
  • Worked on AWS microservice architecture using S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, Kinesis and RDS.
  • Ramped up the Product Owner role, gaining a holistic perspective and skill in harmonizing customer, business, and technical requirements.
  • Led the development of a page builder for web marketers using GrapesJS, which replaced 120 Wordpress sites to reduce server cost.
  • Implemented 3DS front payment process for ordering funnels.
  • Led the migration of over 1000 ordering funnels to a custom tool using VueJS, S3, and Cloudfronts.
  • Led the redesign and modernization of the legacy campaign manager.
  • Designed an AB Test solution based on AWS Lambda Edge and random seed.
  • Used Grafana to monitor the efficiency and randomness of AB tests.
  • Experienced working remotely for 9 months in Bulgaria.

Consultant - FullStack Engineer @ EVAM (via Abylsen)

EVAM is a public organization to welcome asylum seekers in Vaud canton, Switzerland
  • Led the migration and redesign of a highly complex business app to a LTS version of Symfony.
  • Practiced Jira and SCRUM framework to manage the development process.
  • Implemented complex UI components which improved the user experience and the app’s functionality.
  • Contributed to develop a React offline-first app for real estate inventory using React.

CTO & Co-founder @ LoveLiveMusic

TripAdvisor like platform to rate your favorite artist at live music events in Lyon, France
  • Responsible of the whole technical stack including UX Design, Development, System Administration.
  • Internship supervisor.
  • Reached 100 active users on the platform.
  • Built API to agglomerate music events and artists from different APIs.
  • Built super fast search engine using Elastic Search.

Analyst Developer & Technical Leader @ Gestadis

Gestadis is part of private french school of accounting (efcformation.com) in Lyon, France
  • Development of many internal websites / tools using Laravel and jQuery.
  • Development of a realtime tool with pre-sales agents using Socket IO.
  • Led and mentored three engineers on multiple web projects.
  • Led the developement of a MOOC plaform and its first course, where more than 1000 students participated to.